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Even in the down economy the real estate industry is very lucrative for those of you with the desire to help people achieve their goals when it comes to finding their new dream home or selling their current house. Just being on this site is the first step to changing the rest of your life. This site will explain why becoming a Keller Williams Agent is the best step as you begin your new career.





  • Websites To Help You Market Yourself

    Keller Williams provides not one but 2 lead capturing websites for your to launch your career and showcase listings.

  • Powerful training

    Keller Williams offers very powerful training to its agents that will change the way you look at Real Estate.

  • Amazing & Supportive Atmosphere

    You will receive help and support from the top agents in your market to make sure you are a success.

  • Marketing and Technology

    Keller Williams utilizes the latest in technology to capture the interest of today’s tech savvy generation.

  • Extremely competitive income ratios

    Very competitive income ratios compared to other brokerages and once you hit your low annual cap, you keep 100% for the year.

  • Profit Sharing

    Keller Williams offers an extremely lucrative profit sharing program unheard of in the industry.







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Use Technology To Help You Sell.

Keller Williams offers the latest tech.

Websites, Apps and more. KW stays up to date.


Lets face it, unless you have been a real estate agent for many years, you don’t have the referrals pouring in and over 95% of real estate deals start from the internet. Our generation uses the web and as such, KW fuels your efforts with the latest tools from websites to mobile apps, lead capture and more!



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Agent Feedback

"I have been with KW for almost 4 years and would not even consider another brokerage! Our mission at Keller is "to build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living" because of the support, technology, and education offered I have been able to increase my business year after year when a lot of other agents gave up and walked away from real estate. The values of God, family, then business makes this a company like no other."

Lisa Brandenburg, Lisa Brandenburg

" Keller Williams is an amazing and supportive brokerage that has provided everything I need to actually hit the ground running."

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